How to open locked keypad mobile password – many times we set’s password on our keypad mobile and we forget the password. We try to open it by self but we can’t open it. in today’s post I will tell you how you can open your keypad mobile lock , you have forgotten the password. It’s main reason is that we set a very difficult password. I suggest you to that setting a difficult password in your mobile is not wrong but set very difficult password that we can forget it is not fair. So also choose a difficult and unforgetable password .
All keypad mobile have a master code. Mean’s all mobile have a secret code for lock. If your have lost your password then you can open it by using master code. You have to choose a correct master code for your device because all device have different unlocking master code. If you enter different mobile code your mobile won’t be open. So check carefully the correct code and after it use . In Internet have many articles on this topic so I have tried to search all devices codes but unfortunately I have founded only some devices code. So I have shared only some devices code. If you knows any other devices code then please comment below. I will add the code in the post. Your one help can help each other’s.

How to open locked keypad mobile password

So guy’s finally I am sharing here the all these code. Just enter these code on locked mobile. The problem of sim lock can’t be solved by these codes. Check your matched devices in this list and try to open.

Open Keypad Itel mobile Locked

For open this you need to follow some steps so please First remove your memory card and sim card from device and after it click on SOS option and dial #*0*# after dialing it , your all data will delete. But if your locked mobile will not opened then enter 0000 done your lock was opened.

Open Nokia keypad mobile locked password

This is the oldest model of phone and it’s I trusted brand of mobile. If your Nokia Mobile is locked then enter 12345 this is a secret and master code of mobile you can easily crack you mobile lock. For all the device ,nokia has given only single code but this code doesn’t work on some devices. So if you have any other code that you think that is working so please comment that code.

Open locked Samsung keypad mobile

Samsung is second most trusted brand. In india Samsung is famous mobile company, so people also like to buy this company’s mobile . If your Samsung keypad mobile is locked than you can use these master code. Here have 3 master code for open locked are –

1st code – 0000
2nd code – 000000
3rd code – 00000000

You can access your mobile’s lock by using these codes. Only on Samsung mobiles.

Open Lava mobile lock –

If you have lava mobile and you want to open its lock then try this codes- 4321 . Lava mobile have only one single master code.

Open Chinese keypad mobile lock –

There have too much Chinese mobile and their model’s are different. I haven’t all devices code but I have some codes they work on maximum number of mobile. So try these code on your mobile –
1st code – 0000
2nd code – 1234
3 rd code – 4321
4th code – 1122
5th code – 01234

Open Sony mobile lock (keypad)

This have three codes thats help you to open your lock.
Code 1st – 0000 (if this doesn’t work then try belows codes)
Code 2nd – 1111
Code 3rd – 9999

Open LG mobile lock

If you want to open your locked LG mobile then try these codes –
Code 1st – 9999
Code 2nd – 0000
Code 3rd – 1234

Open Panasonic mobile lock –

Try these codes –
Code 1st – 0000
Code 2nd – 9999
Code 3rd – 1234

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How to open jio mobile lock

In india mukesh ambani has launched first keypad 4G jio mobile .you can open your mobile lock by following these steps –

Step 1st – you have to access recovery mode in your mobile. For this click the switch on button and up button and press it for 10 second. After it you have accessed recovery mode on your device. (warning – on this process take upto 80% charg in your mobile otherwise your mobile can be damaged)

Step 2nd – after it search the factory reset option and then click on that option. After this your mobile takes some on rebooting so please don’t remove your battery for safety. After this process your mobile lock will be opened.

So guy’s finally I have given only that’s devices code that I have found. I want to tell you that this all code are not working on some devices. If in your device this code won’t work then please comment your device name below, I will search any code for your device and add on this post.
One more thing I want to tell you that these codes are only work on keypad mobile. If you have screentuch mobile or have android mobile then this code can’t work. I have posted this article only for keypad mobile user. If I you have forgotten your android mobile password then. Comment your device name below I will post an article for android user.
[Note – If your locked mobile have remaining time for open lock then is sensitive please go to any mobile repair shop because for open it . You need a computer .if you use your remaining time and your mobile won’t be open then you will lose your mobile so be careful ]
I hop you have successfully opened you locked keypad mobile password that you have forgotten. So friends share this article on Facebook, whatsapp and other social media. This article can help others people who are facing this problem.