How to increase Facebook page likes – We create page on Facebook just for promote our business or create a fan page. All the page owners wants that maximum number of people know about their page and follow their page. This will be help you on engaging maximum people with your new Facebook post. In todays post we talk about how we can increase our Facebook page likes. This is helthy for social marketing or online business promoting. Facebook is a world’s biggest social media platform so we can easily promote our business on here. Many people doing this and increasing their business reach. We have to target a particular visitors about our topic, like – I am a blogger and blogging on Jokes topic so I will target that’s people who likes to read jokes. this is a good promotion of my site and many people’s will know about my website and they visit my site. That mean I am succeed on my social networking. So I hope you have understood general facts about Facebook marketing.
Is I am right then you have successfully created a Facebook page thus you want to increase Facebook page likes and searching about this topic on google. You’re in right artical. In this article I will post many ideas about increasing Facebook page likes. So I request you to read this article fully and don’t miss any steps. But before knowing that we have to follow some general facts, this facts will help you more reach of your page.

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Some General Facts About Facebook Page We Must Need To Follow Them

First we have to know about our topic that on which topic we are working. This mean we have choose a parfect topic and focus on that. I shall try to understand you by examples for make this post easy.

[1] Choose a perfect topic – this will help public to know about your page. If you are a seller then choose a product reviews topic + new update related to products topic. So people intrest on your page because In reviews they can know good and bad thing about that products and they can compare two products. This will help you get a good social marketer. Some of people’s create page on fan page topic then you choose related topic and post their latest updates and pictures.

[2] Choose A expressive name – people can quickly understand about your page just by reading your page name. if you’re seller then you can choose your business name or can creat related like – product review, product compares etc.

[3] Choose a expressive profile picture and logo – you can create it by self or you can contact logo designes for professional logo and profile picture. First people see out design if they like this is professional they also excited to visit this types of page.

[4] Choose a cover photo – you can follow previous line.

[5] Add your website – if you have any website then you can add on this page.

[6] Choose a good description – to tell people about your page. Write a description for your page.

These are 6 general facts about creating a professional Facebook page. So if you have followed these steps then you can easily create a best page. Now you are ready to increase facebook page like. there are many way to increase Facebook page likes with paid and free method. You can choose all these ideas for make your Facebook page popular quickly. I have personally tried these ideas and all are working. But all ideas reach are different.

How to increase Facebook page likes

[1] Inviting friends – this is first and primary method to increase Facebook page likes but it’s just a starter. We can not increase too much likes by following this method. But we can easily get 1k -2k page like. Many people ignore this method because this method take time. They are fool because you can easily invite your all friends to like your friends within a minute by using Chrome extension. After reading this word people also confused and thinking that how can we use chrome extension on android mobile. But this is possible you can use it on android mobile. You need Xander browser. On this method you receive a starter likes from your Facebook friends. Please give one minute time but don’t miss this.

[2] Paid Promotions – Facebook has given a option that you can promote your Facebook page and increase page likes by using Facebook boost tool but you have to pay for this. You can increase your page likes how many you wants but you have to pay more money for this. In this method if you spend 2$ for a week then Facebook will increase your post reach on Facebook users newsfeed. If you have money and don’t want to waste maximum times on this so you can boost your one post or your multy can target a particular country and particular aged man or woman. This was very good feature that you can choose a particular aged people to reach on your page. If you don’t want to invest money on this then you can follow free methods.

[3] Group sharing – this is a best free method to increase Facebook page likes and my favorite method. I have increased more then 1 lakh page likes in 2 month this is unbelievable but possible. If I can then why couldn’t. You have to join that kinds of group who have maximum members. You can join 10 -20 groups who have more then 1 million members. Share your post on thats all group but one thing is notable thats don’t share your post continually in more then 5 group. Make 1 minute gap between two post sharing. If 10k peoples likes your post in a group group then 500-1200 people click on your page and you get easily 500 minimum likes on one post from 1 group. If we calculates page likes from 20 groups then we can easily made minimum 10000 likes a day with one post if you share 5 post per day then you can make easily makes 50k like a day. But I will give you advise don’t share more then one post in a day this can cause Facebook group post blocking for 20 days. It means you can’t do anything in next 20 day or your account can be desabled. So do carefully make 5 minutes gap between 2 post sharing because you have to save your account to.
In my personal advice keep more then 1 admin on your Facebook page but choose a person who is trusted or you can choose your family person. But if you have attached a link on your post then be carefully because if any member feel problem on your post then he can report spam to group admin and you can be banned from group.

[4] Tell your friends to invite – this is another best method to increase Facebook page likes. If your friend have 4000 friends and you ask him to invite his friend to like your page then minimum 700 people easily like your page. It means if you ask 15 friends then you can easily receive more then 10000 likes.

[5] Social sharing – Internet have many social social media platform and have more then thousands million users. So you can grow your page by sharing your page links on these groups. The most popular social media platforms are whatsapp, tweeter, google +, instagram, youtube etc. You can share your Facebook page link on whatsapp attached with a nice quote or story if they (whatsapp users) like that story they click on your page libk and like your page and they share this with their friends and public groups if massage get viral then your page can be famoused in a can share your link on google+ and tweeter and ask people to connect with you on Facebook on this method you can increase Facebook page likes.

[6] Create Shareble post – create a expressive post that visitors can’t stop them to share that – if you are a seller then post biggest sell, offers ,10%-20% off products good deals and tell people to share that post. If you have famous actor or actress fan page then post latest trend about them. If you’re lucky then your post can be viral and your page will grow quickly. Also people excited to know about good deals and socking news about celebrities. For information of good deals and hot news about celebrities you can read articles on news website.

[7] Quiz Post – make your post like a quiz like you can tell people to compare which is best. On this type post they can’t stop them for commenting. On Facebook these types of post are most popular and receive more likes compare to the general post.

[8] Promotion by Other Page – you can ask any biggest page to promote your page but you have to pay for this. Because no one will do free promotion.

[9] Promotion by website – If you can invest money for this then you can contect any website owner to promot your page.they will do advertising of your page on their site and tells their visitors to like your page. You can quickly increase your page likes by following this method. This method is more costly from boosting method.

[10] Youtube Paid Promotions – in youtube platform have too many publishers and some are famous they receive million on view daily on their video. You can contact then and ask them to promote your page by telling peoples to like this page. In this method you can quickly grow your page. But different youtuber take different price for content promotion.

[11] Offline promotion – If your business is offline or you have any offline business then you can promote your Facebook page easily on offline mode. You just need some posters ( black&white or colourful as you want) and fix in any places where people can see that. If you have visiting card then you can add your Facebook page on card. Your customers will surely visit your Facebook page for latest information or for contect online.

[12] Keep Daily Updated – People also likes a page who was daily updated about latest things. People believes on your page and they will daily visit your page. So create a latest post daily. If your page have not been updated from many days people never again visit your page. Your page gone down from search results. If you keep updated your page then your page will rank first on Facebook search and this would help you on increasing likes.

[13] Set time for posting – set a seduce time for posting then people can easily understand your posting time and daily they visit on your page and this will help you to viral a post. If any post could be viraled then you receive lot of page likes.

[14] Create Facebook page like box on site – If you own any website then you can convert your visitors to page likes. Add a Facebook page like widget on your site. Your visitors could be click on thats widget and you receive many page likes.

[15] Use Email – on your email signature you can add your Facebook page link. If you send email to anyone page link would be sent with email. Your email readers can convert into Facebook page likes.

[16] Marge multiple pages – If you have multiple pages with the same name then you can marge them total like will be counted. This is not a better method to increase too many like in page. But your page likes will increase.

These are some awesome and working methods to increase Facebook page likes. If you want to promote your business by social marketing then these are best methods to make your page popular and for growth of business. So if you’ve any doubt about any topic or you have any other best method then comment below.


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