Do you want to creat your own quiz site on blogspot platform and searching for a show/hide button code, you’re in right artical. In WordPress platform you can easily creat this type show /hide button by using many plugins but for blogspot platform you need some special kind of html code for creating this type button. Many bloggers use this code for add some secret word to impress their visitors. If any visitor click on that button hidden world will open.
Some people use this code to creat a question – answers site. They hide the answer in hide show button, if any people want to see the answer he/she click on show answer button and answer will be displayed .you can customize that button text what do you want to show like – show answer, click here to show answer, click here to see the magic etc. You can use this code on WordPress and blogger both and can use this code multiple time.
Internet have many this type html codes but you can’t use them multiple time. I’m personally using this code I hope you like this show/hide button code. Copy the code from below –

Place your hidden text here

How to edit this show/hide button code-

You can edit this code as you like. Replace “Show Answer ” with your text what do you want to show on button like show/hide. Replace the text “place your hidden text here ” to your text what do you want to hide. If you have some knowledge of editing html code then you can easily chang the colours of this button. Just replace the Coloure name or coloure code with your coloure.

Also read this –

How to setup this hide/show answer button code in blogger site –

This is very easy to set, just open your any blog post where you want to show this button and go to html code and place this code below the text where you want to show this text.
I hope you can easily setup this code.If you’re facing any problem then comment below I would try to help you.