How to create Facebook account – Facebook is the world’s most popular social media site. Millions of people around the world use Facebook. In today’s post we will talk about how we can create a Facebook account. In today’s day, People like to share their activities in Facebook, even if they have moved somewhere, in a hotel or restaurant, or on a tragic event, they post their selfy of Facebook. Facebook is a platform where you can connect with any person in the world and talk to them. We call it Digital Life or a waste of time, everyone has its own opinion. But sometimes many misinformed reports become viral. Let us tell you that Facebook has created by Mark Zuckerberg. Who had donated their yearly earnings on her daughter’s birthday. Often new youths or any other person buy a new mobile, they want to create a Facebook account, so in today’s we learn how we can create a fan account.

What is facebook ?

Facebook is a social media platform. Where you can upload your photo can chat with your friends or a distant relative. Facebook was launched in 2004, which has become popular quickly and today has become the world’s number one social media site.

How to create a Facebook account

Are you a new Internet user and you want to create a Facebook account or create a Facebook ID? Then you can create your Facebook account by following this simple steps, in just 2 minutes let’s know what you have to do. You will need the following items for this –

  • Email ID
  • Mobile number
  • Name and Date Of Birth

you can create a Facebook account with the help of these things, so let’s go ahead and get to know the full process that how to create a Facebook account?

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Step 1 – First of all you have to go to the Facebook website, for this you visit in your mobile or computer, you will get the option to create a Facebook ID from here. Here you will see a login option but you do not have to do anything here, click on the Create a new Facebook account .

Step 2 – Now you will come across a new page in which you will have the option to enter the first name and surname. Just enter your name in the first name like my name is Vishwajeet Rathia, so I will put Vishwajeet you enter your name here.
In the next box, you have the option to enter the surname or last name, then put your last name in it like my name is Vishwajeet Rathia, then I will put Rathia here, here you enter your surname .

Step 3 – Then there will be an option to enter an email address or mobile number in the next box. If you have your email here, then enter the email ID, if you do not have an Email ID then enter the mobile number.

Step 4th – Now you have to select the gander in the next step, that means if you are a boy then choose male and if you are a girl then select female.

Step 5th – This is the last step of creating a Facebook account. This means that after this step, your Facebook account will be ready. In this step, you have enter your date of birth and choose a strong password which shold be not easily find, especially do not use your name, mobile number or birth date. After entering the password, click on the sign up or creat account. Your Facebook account has been created.

What to Do After Creating a Facebook Account

There are some important settings that you must do after creating a Facebook account.

  • If you have created your Facebook account with your email ID,then add a mobile number (you can hide it from others)
  • Upload a beautiful profile picture by which people can recognize you.
  • Upload an Cover Photo that lets your Facebook account look like professional account.

Some other settings of Facebook account

These settings are optional, but not necessarily but if you want to make the account a professional profile, please fill in this details.

  • Add your school and college name.
  • If you do any job then you can add your job in your profile details.
  • Add man or woman on your intrest you can add both
  • You can add which languages you know.
  • You can add a political party name which you support
  • You can set who can send you friend request.

Take care of the following to protect Facebook account from being desabled –

Facebook always keeps doing something to keep its platform clean. There are many people who create Facebook accounts or IDs from Fake name, which are against the rules of the Facebook, so they desable such an account. So you want your account to be safe then always create a Facebook account with the correct name. If you make an account with the correct name and your account becomes desable, then you can upload a Government issued ID to Facebook and Facebook will activate your account.



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