BlackBerry mobile awesome hidden features and tricks must read. Hey guys welcome to the another new post. Today I will share some awesome tricks about blackberry mobile. BlackBerry is a beggest mobile brand, so people like to buy this company’s mobile. BlackBerry has given some hidden features that you don’t know. So let’s about thats hidden features. Before I share here the features I want to tell you that these tricks are not working on some of BlackBerry devices. I have tried all these tricks on blackberry Z10 device and that’s all tricks are working on this device.

Some hidden features and tricks about blackberry mobile

[1] Screen Unlock – generally we use lock key to wake up our device. But you can unlock your screen by swiping up your screen. If you swipe your BlackBerry mobile screen upper side your mobile will get wake up you don’t need to press lock/unlock key. You can control this by setting, you can stop or start this setting. In some devices this setting was closed so they can’t use this feature if your device support this feature then you can start this feature just go to setting»» Display» » Swipe to awake (enable this setting) .after enabling this setting you can use this feature if your device support it.

[2] Emails and new notifications – In BlackBerry hub and email inbox we receive too much massages. we have to face problem on searching any new particular unseen email or notification. So you can hide/show your seen massage by suppressing by two finger like zooming inside. You can see the screenshoot below. For normal zoom the screen all is done.

[3] Screen zooming – I think no any mobile give screen zooming option, you can’t zoom your screen but BlackBerry mobile have a hidden option after enabling it you can zoom your mobile screen anytime. You can confuse your friends that’s your mobile is hanging. You can enable it by just going to setting» » accessibility» » magnify mode (enable this).

[4] Chang screen colure – this is a another feature of BlackBerry device that you can chang your screen colure. You just need to chang a setting. Go to the setting» » accessibility» » Reverse contrast (enable this option and enjoy)

[5] Close keyboard – you can close your keyboard just pressing space bar for 3 second you don’t need to click the back button.

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These are some awesome tricks of BlackBerry mobile. I hope you have enjoyed this post if you have any doubt about this article you can ask questions below.